About us

Our Mission

Maps-Identity is a fully integrated Place Branding consulting firm, created with the mission to advance and enrich the practice of Place Branding and to contribute to the social and economic development of places.

We help clients managing the brand and identity of their nation, city or region, through the creation of a strategy that will improve their reputation and Soft Power.

Our team has expertise in International Cooperation and Development and is passionate about understanding what makes a place unique and how its identity and reputation has a strong impact in the social and economic development of a nation, city or region.

Strategic Priorities

1. Identify and pursue priority Place Branding scientific research;

2. Transform research into Place Branding strategies;

3. Combine tested methods with digital technology, social media and online content;


Our Team

Maps Identity was created in order to develop Place Branding strategies that improve the perception and identity of places across the world. Our team is highly educated, multilingual and motivated, always looking for the innovations and new research within our field.  

Our team is made by people with expertise and research back ground in the fields of geopolitics, security, economic development and smart cities. It is also made by people with experience in the management of tourism consulting firms.

This way we ensure both theory and practice are gather in our research and final Place Branding Strategy.




Maps Identity

Place Branding Management

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