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Place Branding for small villages and rural areas

Atualizado: 25 de Out de 2019

In the context of small villages and rural areas, Place Branding strategies need to address the contrasting viewpoints and different needs of the stakeholders, trying to find the balance between ecological protection and economic growth.

Place branding for sustainable development of smal villages and rural areas

Place Branding brings an important contribution to the sustainable development of places, through complex processes and new management methods, which involve local people, organizations and public institutions. In the context of small villages and rural areas, Place Branding can be understood as the means to create place distinctiveness and attractiveness, combined with sustainable development goals like ecological preservation, economic growth and social inclusion.

However, how is it possible to create an inner brand in a place where the stakeholders have contrasting interests and different approaches to the management of natural resources? How is it possible to manage the identity of a place, where half of the stakeholders aim to protect natural resources and the other half look for economic growth exploiting these resources?

The importance of a multi-stakeholder approach

Successful place branding strategies strenghten the place reputation and contribute to local development, taking in account the historical and social context of the place and bringing together the public and private sector with local people and communities.

This multi-stakeholders approach brings together all the contrasting viewpoints, which are the economic base of the place and therefore the base for creating an identity and market it to the target groups. When the all these stakeholders are in charge of co-creating the place brand strategy, they get involved in a structure that might result in the establishment of a regime in which the protection of the local ecological system is organised by the local people and the local economic sector.

In sum, a successeful Place Branding strategy needs to bring together all the stakeholders, in order to create a sustainable and coherent brand.

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