Place Branding is our expertise. We develop research-based strategies that aim to enhance the identity and the brand of places. 


Place Branding is more than a slogan or a logo, it is all about place-making. We look for what makes places unique, for the characteristics that create a positive perception for the public, and develop a strategy based around the identity of a place.

The goals of a Place Branding strategy are the social and economic development of a place through:

  • Attracting local and global tourists;

  • Attracting investors and new enterprises;

  • Detering residents from leaving the place;

  • Attracting students to the universities;

  • Increasing resident's feeling of pride;

  • Intensifying coverage of the place in the media;

  • Promoting culture and identity;

  • Making the place more visible in people's minds.

We take in account six main elements in our Place Branding Strategy: Tourism, Policies, Culture, People, Trade and Investment

Our work involves four stages: research, strategy development, implementation and periodic measurement to ensure a sustainable and comprehensive Place Branding strategy.


The Place Branding Trends are the new policies, tools and approaches to the brand management of places, regions, cities and countries.


Maps-Identity develops this trend report to help nation, cities and regions leaders to face the challenges of the future.

The report "Place Branding Trends - opportunities, challenges and the way forward" highlights the main issues faced by nations, cities and regions, currently and towards the future.


Based on scientific research, this report will provide a competitive advantage to our clients, so they can maximize the opportunities and mitigate the threats.

Some of the topics that our report covers are:

  • Sustainability;

  • Security;

  • Migrations;

  • Health;

  • New forms of governance.

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